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The AHL Moves West

After years of speculation, the American Hockey League is finally moving westward. At a press conference today in San Jose, the league and several team officials announced the relocation of five East Coast franchises to California, creating the long-awaited Pacific Division. The ECHL will also receive a bit of a shake up, with some California teams moving east to start playing in the soon-to-be former AHL markets.

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Errors and Corrections: Fashion Police

Sometimes, as a guy with no formal writing experience, you rush into an article without doing the appropriate amount of research, or say something really dumb. I'm awesome at that. My piece about new jerseys in the NHL is so full of errors and bad judgement that I felt a whole secondary post may be needed to fix this.

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2013 Stanley Cup Anti-Previews: Round 3: 7 games closer to summer sadness

Generally speaking I've found most of this year's playoffs to be kind of dull. There was some good drama in the first round with a few near upsets and emotional and mental regression of the Montreal Canadiens, but even those few scraps were wont to be found in the second round. If Bettman had just handed off the Stanley Cup to the Blackhawks after they came from behind and spit on the Wings' grave, I don't think anyone would've complained. Well, Bruins fans would've complained and Bettman would've been forced to give them a second Cup and maybe a CD of Dropkick Murphys B-sides. Wrapping it up: the conference finals begin on Saturday and the Kings and Hawks get to play back-to-backs because the NHL isn't going to waste a weekend and screw the Western Conference teams. It isn't as if getting from Los Angeles to Chicago on a Saturday night is a difficult thing to accomplish.

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2012 Stanley Cup Finals Anti-Preview

The matchup for the Stanley Cup Finals has been set for days due to a couple of factors. The first factor is that my foolproof prediction system from the last round was absolutely the best. Second the Rangers managed to remember that Lundqvist was the only worthwhile player on that team and then sagged into a depression. This of course was a perfect opportunity for a black pit of despair such as New Jersey to thrive. Still, the Devils are a better team that I give them credit for since I ignore the existence of Zach Parise until his free agency rolls around. The third factor: The Coyotes were a sickening bunch of overachievers that rightfully sunk in obscurity after they played a hockey team that wasn’t pleased as punch to shoot themselves in the collective foot. It isn’t as if I’m bitter about anything. 

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Episode 87: Why The Midwest Is Fat

This week Brandon and Peter discuss the conference finals, rehash their feelings about the Coyotes and talk about some rather bad decisions made by politicians.

Punk Headlines:

-Dropkick takes issue with Wisconsin Republicans using their songs

-New York politicians consider bill that would ban anonymous posts on the internet

-Riot Fest East is reduced from three days to one day


New York v. New Jersey

Phoenix v. Los Angeles

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Intro: The Deadly Rhythm by Refused

The Shadow of Greed by Oiltanker

Media Blitz by The Germs

Platypus (I Hate You) by Green Day

Serfs Up by DC Fallout