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A Potential Good-Bye

A little earlier, this tweet was sent out:

And I double and triple checked to make sure it was a legit account and not just someone spreading the rumorrrrrrs through the league.  

So it seems Martin Brodeur’s tenure in the NHL is coming to an awkward, jaunted end.  Which is terribly unfortunate.  For those of us old enough, we understand the level at which he competed at game after game.  There was nothing worse than knowing Marty would be in net to face your team, his skill was unmatched.  Holding nearly every goalie record, Brodeur will go down in history.

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Is Josh Harris The Final Nail In Albany Hockey's Coffin? 

With the temporary takeover of the Devils by the NHL due to financial concerns, my first worry was that they'd face the same fate as the Montreal Expos, letting big money players leave (hey, wait a minute..) and eventually leaving town for what would be a third time. Remember the KC Scouts and the Colorado Rockies? No, the old Colorado Rockies. The Devils began in Kansas City and spent a few years in Denver before settling in New Jersey.

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Ilya Kovalchuk Says "Auf Wiedersehen, NHL"


Sometimes, players do great things, retire, and go on to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  See Chris Chelios, Scott Niedermayer, Brendan Shanahan, and Geraldine Heaney.  Other players do nothing, make money, and "retire" at 30.  See Ilya Kovalchuk.  

Only 3 seasons into his billion year contract (okay okay fine 15 years), Kovalchuk has announced his retirement, leaving $77 million on the table to return home to Russia.  

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UTP Morning Hockey: They're Back

Welcome back! Today's game features Lokomotiv Yaroslavl and SKA Saint Petersburg. Two teams near the top of the Western Conference, should be a hell of a game. 

Watch the game with us here. I believe this game may also be available on ESPN3.



UTP Morning Hockey: Breakfast With Bryzgalov


Today's game is SKA St. Petersburg vs CSKA Moscow. Game starts at 11:45 ET.