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An activity set at a rapid pace with raw emotion and lots of body contact, all while being witnessed by a committed fan base with a deep distrust for outsiders.

Punk rock and hockey at their cores really aren't that different.

Up The Pucks is a podcast and a blog that celebrates the connection between both cultures and the people that love them.

The podcast is hosted by Brandon Gee and Peter Evans. Each week they talk to different personalities from the punk and hockey worlds as they give their views and insight relating to current events in both communities. During the regular season, a new team is featured every week with the music from that city played throughout the episode.

The blog is headed up by a staff with a wide variety of experience in both the punk and hockey communities with a broad spectrum of tastes when it comes to genres under the punk umbrella. The content found on our blog provides readers with perspectives on hockey with a punk slant while also giving news updates about what is going on in the world of punk rock.