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A Potential Good-Bye

A little earlier, this tweet was sent out:

And I double and triple checked to make sure it was a legit account and not just someone spreading the rumorrrrrrs through the league.  

So it seems Martin Brodeur’s tenure in the NHL is coming to an awkward, jaunted end.  Which is terribly unfortunate.  For those of us old enough, we understand the level at which he competed at game after game.  There was nothing worse than knowing Marty would be in net to face your team, his skill was unmatched.  Holding nearly every goalie record, Brodeur will go down in history.

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#115 Rusty Gon' Rust

On this show, we talk about the dearth of deadline-era trades(sans Iginla), Pete's hockey tourney, and even the Wrestlemania lineup. You're so lucky.

-The Plague jersey Pete referenced:


A ballroom dancer turned wrestler gimmick. What could go wrong?

-The episode(#99) w/ the interview with We Are The Union

-The unofficial(but best) website about the U.S. Open Cup

-Of the minor league affiliate rumors we talked about, the St. Louis Blues/Peoria Riverman one is confirmed. If no team replaces them, it would leave the city without professional hockey for the first time in 41 seasons.

-The new Central Hockey League team in Brampton, ON is about 610 miles from its' nearest opponent, the Bloomington Blaze.

Music Featured This Week:

(Intro) Falling Apart by The Gamits

The Golden Age by Go Rydell

Slangin' Rocks In The House Of God by Comadre

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat by We Are The Union


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Book Buddies Review: Hand This To Your Hockey Clueless Girlfriend, Now

So for those of you who have missed it on Twitter, this is a new segment I am starting for the off season.  In my personal library, I have amassed many books on the topic of punk and hockey and will be doing short book reviews and an occasional movie or documentary review.  Please do not think of these as traditional, they will still be in the same vein of everything else the StayNegi Monster has done.  So do not fret.

Up first is "Taking A Shot" by Jaci Burton.

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2012 Stanley Cup Anti-Preview (Round 2)

After weeks of overtime, blundering, and generally mediocre play the Eastern Conference finally managed to wrap up the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. As far as my predictions go I did much better in the East as I my assumption that medioctiry would be the key to victory as we saw Washington, New Jersey and the Flyers all advance despite a total lack of ability to play vital aspects of the game. I got my Ottawa prediction wrong, but I’m not all that broken up about it. The Western conference showed some real spirit as the Canucks managed to put up as strong an effort as a pumpkin getting kicked in the face by a teenager. The coin flip that landed me on the Sharks failed to take into account that the Sharks are old and the Blues players still haven’t realized that they are doomed to failure. Chicago and Phoenix played hockey often on the same sheet of ice and they continued to do so until one of the teams won. This is the way of things. Finally, despite Nashville’s victory of the Red Wings in five games, true victory was in the hands of the Detroit fans as they held the moral high ground. The fans maintain that the team defeated itself since Nashville doesn’t deserve a team and therefore any of the Southern team’s victories “don’t count.” And now on to Round 2

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Photo: wrestling-match.com

(So this one had some problems in editing, but its here now for your enjoyment, I tried to cut things that were time-sensitive since this was recorded well over a month ago, but there is trade deadline talk.)

This week we're joined by St. Louis native & Blues fan Dan Johanning, guitarist for The Disappeared & The Jungle Fire. We somehow fall into a discussion about CM Punk, debate the merits of old bands you loved reuniting years later and some dumb thing Jeremy Roenick said(yeah, we're just as shocked as you).

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