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Them Pucks Are Tricky Little Bastards

Look at that mortification

Because I am a good employee that doesn’t fall asleep at her desk (any more), I miss most west coast games.  Which means I missed the first New York Rangers win of the season and will continue to miss their wins until they come back east.  Unfortunately I miss the truly ridiculous: Patrick Roy’s enthusiasm, Jagr’s return goal, the Teemu based circle jerks, etc.

And I miss Jonathan Quick scoring on himself.  

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Is Josh Harris The Final Nail In Albany Hockey's Coffin? 

With the temporary takeover of the Devils by the NHL due to financial concerns, my first worry was that they'd face the same fate as the Montreal Expos, letting big money players leave (hey, wait a minute..) and eventually leaving town for what would be a third time. Remember the KC Scouts and the Colorado Rockies? No, the old Colorado Rockies. The Devils began in Kansas City and spent a few years in Denver before settling in New Jersey.

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Ding Dong Torts Is Gone!

What an exciting day it is to be a New York Rangers fan.  Finally, they are free of John Tortorella!   

Hockey media rejoices at this announcement! 
Finally some information about the Rangers post game will be released!  
Questions will be met with answers!  
Team morale will skyrocket!
Goals will happen! 
PP skills will be developed!

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Stop Trying To Explain Hockey To Me!

It seems I've a bit of a 6th sense, just three hours after I posted about how I'm a judgmental jerk when it comes to female hockey fans and how I plan to correct it, the Rangers decided they want to top me and post a guide for female hockey fans. 

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Yo Ho Yo Ho The NHL At Sea! 

Not a single hockey fan in this photo

Okay, so recently I went on a trip to the south where the weather is always warm and ice rinks are a mythical creature.  Fine, not really seeing as Florida, one of the places that I stopped, has two NHL teams plus a bunchaother teams.  But in all honesty, hockey isn't very big the further south you head.  And that's why I packed a bunch of hockey tee shirts and paraded myself around waiting to see what people would say. 

Mind you, I was on a cruise ship, that left from NYC, so you would assume this would be skewed, that I would run in to crazy amounts of Atlantic and Northeastern Division fans, but no I didn't. So disappointed hockey fans!  

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