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Dallas and Carolina Get New Uniforms

If you follow me on twitter (@ThatShaneBua), you've by now probably realized that I'm a bit of a uniform nerd. It's probably why I'm such a hockey fan. If I had the money to assemble a closet full of my favorite all-time sweaters, it'd be a rather large collection (next target: one of the Mighty Ducks' late-90s jade alts). That said, both the Dallas Stars and the Carolina Hurricanes have released their newest uniforms earlier this week, and I'm here to guide you through what you'll be seeing on the ice this fall.

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Yo Ho Yo Ho The NHL At Sea! 

Not a single hockey fan in this photo

Okay, so recently I went on a trip to the south where the weather is always warm and ice rinks are a mythical creature.  Fine, not really seeing as Florida, one of the places that I stopped, has two NHL teams plus a bunchaother teams.  But in all honesty, hockey isn't very big the further south you head.  And that's why I packed a bunch of hockey tee shirts and paraded myself around waiting to see what people would say. 

Mind you, I was on a cruise ship, that left from NYC, so you would assume this would be skewed, that I would run in to crazy amounts of Atlantic and Northeastern Division fans, but no I didn't. So disappointed hockey fans!  

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