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Fashion Police: New 2014-15 Uniforms

After the Wild, Hurricanes, Sharks, and Sabres dropped new sweaters on us last year, the latest round of uniform updates have started to come out, just in time for the start of preseason games.

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From The Team That Brought You "Steve Ott: Goal Scoring Threat"

Honestly, this one is really hard to sit down and write about seriously. 

I'll get three things out of the way before I talk about the actual jersey:

1) If you haven't actually seen it yet, don't bother.

2) The Ott leak just seems so fabricated, the more I think about it.

3) This is the second worst jersey in the history of the NHL. First is the Islanders' current third sweater. This replaces pretty much the entire uniform history of the Atlanta Thrashers as the second worst bunch of crap ever worn during an NHL game.


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What The Hell, Sharks

The San Jose Sharks dropped a pretty big surprise on us today, unveiling their new uniforms for next season. Let's take a look, shall we?

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Dallas and Carolina Get New Uniforms

If you follow me on twitter (@ThatShaneBua), you've by now probably realized that I'm a bit of a uniform nerd. It's probably why I'm such a hockey fan. If I had the money to assemble a closet full of my favorite all-time sweaters, it'd be a rather large collection (next target: one of the Mighty Ducks' late-90s jade alts). That said, both the Dallas Stars and the Carolina Hurricanes have released their newest uniforms earlier this week, and I'm here to guide you through what you'll be seeing on the ice this fall.

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A Fashion Police Time Out With Sean Avery 

As many of you know, my fondness for former New York Ranger goes beyond a healthy love.  If asked to rank my top 10 favorite hockey players of all time, Mr. Avery would make it.  Annoying Martin Brodeur is fairly low on my favorite reasons, take away the man’s doughnuts and he’s cranky, but manage to anger the entire hockey watching world and be New York City’s darling?  That’s talent.  For a few bright moments, Sean Avery was Prince of New York.  

But with such a sparkling personality, he didn’t last long and has since fallen off-- UNTIL TONIGHT!

Tonight Sean Avery was a guest host on the E!’s Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, George Kotsiopoulos, and second guest host Alyssa Milano.  I’m here to review it for you.  

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