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Rage In The Key of LA

So let me trace this summer for the LA Kings, let me know where I go wrong with my anger.  

Jarret Stoll was arrested for cocaine and MDMA possession at a Las Vegas pool party in mid-April, and conveniently chased out of town once free agency opened up.  

Mike Richards was arrested at the Canadian border with oxycodone pills and managed to keep the arrest under wraps until June 26th when the Kings found out at the NHL Draft.  By June 29th the man’s contract was terminated.  

On July 2nd, Slava Voynov was found guilty of domestic assault from an incident the previous October.  The man served 60 of his 90 days before meeting with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to begin an investigation.  

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Them Pucks Are Tricky Little Bastards

Look at that mortification

Because I am a good employee that doesn’t fall asleep at her desk (any more), I miss most west coast games.  Which means I missed the first New York Rangers win of the season and will continue to miss their wins until they come back east.  Unfortunately I miss the truly ridiculous: Patrick Roy’s enthusiasm, Jagr’s return goal, the Teemu based circle jerks, etc.

And I miss Jonathan Quick scoring on himself.  

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Don't Even Think About Calling This A Defense

Hey! What a complete and total shock!  A guy who’s nothing but a bonehead out on the ice said bonehead things on an uncensored talk radio show!  Geez, what is it with you people and attacking Cam Janssen?  Yes, he said some truly awkward things that the New Jersey Devils probably didn’t want attached to one of their players.  And yeah, it was uncomfortable to watch and listen to some of his jokes but you guys are really missing the genius moment in this interview.  I swear I’m not being sarcastic in any way with this last statement. Pinkie promise.

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Your move, St. Louis Blues.



This week we don our black veils, not in honor of the new Stanley Cup champion L.A. Kings, but because the crushing melancholy of the off-season has officially crept upon us. Just kidding, this week we discuss what possible impact the original sunbelt franchise winning a Cup might have on hockey in California. Also, we discuss tinfoil hat-wearing fans, certain writers who love nothing more than to rain on hockey's parade, L.A. punk rock, AND America. No guest this week so it's just Peter and I rambling on.

Music Featured This Week:

(The Intro was) Coup D'etat by The Circle Jerks

New Dark Ages by Bad Religion

Devil's Dance Floor by Flogging Molly

Rise Above by Black Flag

I'm Not A Punk by Descendents


EPISODE 89: I've been playing a lot of Diablo, i get confused by things



We talk about the Stanley Cup Finals(which have not yet ended), and bunch of other random stuff, with our buddy and UTP blog editor, Chris Link.

Music Featured This Week:

Let's Put The End In Friend by Find Him and Kill Him


Thick Lip by White Lung

Mainline by Hot Water Music

Story of My Life by Millencolin