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Ep. 129 Give 'Em The Booth

Brandon came out of the coma and Peter's back from the Peace Corp to actually put a show together. We talk about surprises so far in the NHL season, how Jonathan Quick's injury might affect the U.S. Olympic team and timeless haircuts. We also discuss recent music releases including the new A Wilhelm Scream. Plus, new music this week from Toxic Holocaust, Young Turks, A.W.S. and Less Than Jake.

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Ep. 127: #TeamGeno

Peter's out this week so Brandon was joined by the site's editors Shane Bua and Cait Platt . They discuss preseason ultraviolence.

-A FAQ of the Leafs-Sabres line brawl by Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynki

-Zach Kassian smashes Sam Gagner in the face

-From Hockey This Week, a positive review of the Islanders' game experience at Barclays Center.

-The rebranded Calgary Inferno of the CWHL, and the owners of CalgaryInferno.com.


Music Featured This Week:

Take The Mirror by White Lung

Brother by Meat Wave

Ring Of Fire by Social Distortion

Away From The Circle by No Fun At All


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Punk Rock: Mewling Kittens or Chainsaw Jugglers

Wow, I'm lazy. With the lockout in full swing I can't say I've felt all that motivated to get back into blogging, music or otherwise. Anyways, the following post has been kicking around in my head for weeks now so I'd thought I'd throw out into ever gentle pools of UTP.
A few weeks back I made a terrible mistake. While reading some news article or another on Punknews.org I sunk down to the comments section and floundered about in the questionable content that often swirls in frightening Internet eddies formed in the info streams of the .Org. One particular comment caught my attention that day. A reader of the site remarked that the problem with modern punk music is that is simply is not the dangerous music that it once was. I found the statement intriguing and since then I have been tossing it back and forth in my mind in attempt to gain a really thorough understanding of how I feel danger relates to modern punk rock music.

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We've got Olympic Fever as this week Matt Baldwin from the great podcast Matt & Mondo's Punk Rock Power Hour(as well as working on Complete Control Radio/SideOneDummy Records) is our guest co-host this week. We talk about twitter spoilers, Wayne Gretzky, and no show would be complete without some Mighty Ducks Trilogy talk. 

With Rick Nash and Shea Weber off the table, focus now moves on to Shane Doan and his apparent brazen dealings with the Phoenix Coyotes and the NHL. 

We also discuss the unfortunate news in the punk community as No Use For A Name's Tony Sly passed away earlier this week. We talk about NUFAN's place in punk rock and the outpouring of remembrance for Tony from across the many different walks of punk culture.

The History Will Be Made Parody Peter references

Tony Sly live

No Use For Name live

Music This Week:

(Intro This Week) Hey Ma, Part. 2 by Mixtapes

Wayfarer by Hot Water Music

Justified Black Eye by No Use For A Name

Rogues by Downtown Struts

Hey God by Tony Sly

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Your move, St. Louis Blues.



This week we don our black veils, not in honor of the new Stanley Cup champion L.A. Kings, but because the crushing melancholy of the off-season has officially crept upon us. Just kidding, this week we discuss what possible impact the original sunbelt franchise winning a Cup might have on hockey in California. Also, we discuss tinfoil hat-wearing fans, certain writers who love nothing more than to rain on hockey's parade, L.A. punk rock, AND America. No guest this week so it's just Peter and I rambling on.

Music Featured This Week:

(The Intro was) Coup D'etat by The Circle Jerks

New Dark Ages by Bad Religion

Devil's Dance Floor by Flogging Molly

Rise Above by Black Flag

I'm Not A Punk by Descendents