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Episode 128: I’d Have My Cock Out If I Scored Four Goals

Brandon sits out this week as Mr. Fancy joins Peter to discuss Jonathan Quick's own goal and the stories surrounding Tomas Hertl.

Links of Note:

Quick's own goal

Hertl's between the legs goal

Adam Oates' reaction to said goal

Joe Thorton's comments regarding the goal

Songs Featured in This Episode:

Intro: I Think We're Alone Now by Comadre

Ma Jolie by Bear vs Shark

Cool Out by Jeff the Brotherhood

The Greatest Betrayal by Much The Same


Episode 126: No One Is Listening

Brandon and Peter return from their summer vacation and discuss what they've been up to, the recent set of horrible jerseys that have been released and the NHL pre-season.

Links Of Note:

-USA National Team Jersey

-Canada National Team Jersey

-Dallas Stars New Jerseys

-Carolina Hurricanes New Jerseys

-Russian National Team Jerseys

-Big Ten Hockey TV Schedule

-Modern Life Is War's Drummer Arrested

-Punk Goes 8-Bit

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Intro: Red Line by Banner Pilot

Big Lie by RVIVR

Resuscitation of the Year by The Flatliners

9th At Pine (8-Bit) by Less Than Jake


Episode 124: A 90 Second Parade

Credit: Wikipedia

This week Brandon and Peter discuss the NHL draft, explore the concept of public funds going to private ventures through the Coyotes situation and sit down to talk with NHL player Andrew Ference.

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Service Level Agreement by The Fire Still Burns

And Now We Dance by The Vandals

Bro Hymn by Pennywise

Fuck Armageddon This Is Hell by Bad Religion


Episode 122: A Skacano

This week Brandon and Peter discuss the NHL Final, Seattle being the NHL's booty call and a possible ska revival.

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Intro: The Habit of Despair Is Worse Than Despair Itself by Ambitions

Number One by A Wilhelm Scream

A Walk by Bad Religion

Reaction by From Ashes Rise


Episode 120: Lame Jokes

In this episode, Brandon and Peter recap what's been going on in the playoffs, discuss why dudes in metal bands keep getting in trouble with the law and Peter celebrates his fantasy hockey championship.

Links of Note:

-Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying, arrested

-Milo is coaching the Sabres?

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Intro: The Outsiders (AKA Hell Is for Heroes Part I) by Modern Life is War

Hold Fast by Take The Name

Maimed for the Masses by Night Birds

Maggie Thatcher by Ian Rubbish & The Bizzaros


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