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Tampa Bay's Restrictive Ticket Sales Hurt Everyone

On Wednesday, a Sports Illustrated report pointed out that the Tampa Bay Lightning will be restricting online ticket sales for playoff games to those with billing addresses inside of Florida. 

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2013 Stanley Cup Anti-Previews: Round 2

The first round is behind us in the sense that it was yesterday and the second round in before us in the sense that it is already going on as I type this summary. Despite the impossible timelines I am proud to bring you my analysis of the second round.

Eastern Conference

#1 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #7 Ottawa Senators

This is an interesting matchup because the Penguins struggled to overcome the mighty New York Islanders and newly revealed superhero John Tavares. Meanwhile the Senators managed to stop being incredibly boring in the wake of the Habs descent into villainy. The Pens will have to show that they can overcome another mediocre team without their absurd egos popping and getting Lemieux-goo all over the shitty parts of Pennsylvania.

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Episode 120: Lame Jokes

In this episode, Brandon and Peter recap what's been going on in the playoffs, discuss why dudes in metal bands keep getting in trouble with the law and Peter celebrates his fantasy hockey championship.

Links of Note:

-Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying, arrested

-Milo is coaching the Sabres?

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Intro: The Outsiders (AKA Hell Is for Heroes Part I) by Modern Life is War

Hold Fast by Take The Name

Maimed for the Masses by Night Birds

Maggie Thatcher by Ian Rubbish & The Bizzaros


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Your Team Is Out, How Do You Survive Bandwagoners?

Today I was accused of being overly sensitive, overly passionate, and way too concerned about sports, or really hockey.  As someone part of the Internet Generation, I find this laughable.  In addition to this site, I write/have written on the Calgary Flames, New York Rangers, Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Canucks, Nashville Predators, and two general NHL sites.  To say that I'm accustomed to the anonymous taunts in an understatement.  I've been threatened, told off, laughed at, and informed that I am "whacked", all by anonymous comments.  

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