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How To Tank: A Guide For Fans And Teams

With a couple weeks left in the season, the noise about playoffs and the draft is becoming hard to ignore.  As we all know by now, the top half of the league starts making moves before the trade deadline and the bottom half starts gunning to be the NHL’s Next Edmonton Oilers.  But in the middle there’s that barren wasteland, where a team must decide if they have chance to make an ernest effort to and in the playoffs or if they should just attempt to align themselves to improve their drafting position.  

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Episode 124: A 90 Second Parade

Credit: Wikipedia

This week Brandon and Peter discuss the NHL draft, explore the concept of public funds going to private ventures through the Coyotes situation and sit down to talk with NHL player Andrew Ference.

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Service Level Agreement by The Fire Still Burns

And Now We Dance by The Vandals

Bro Hymn by Pennywise

Fuck Armageddon This Is Hell by Bad Religion


Episode 92: Brandon's Got A Problem With Pittsburgh (And Everybody Knows It)

This week, Brandon and Peter interview Chris Hannah from Propagandhi, discuss Brandon's trip to the NHL draft and try to get down to the core of his problem with Pittsburgh.

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Cruel Bloom by Converge

Count by Make Do And Mend

America's Army (Die Jugend Marschiert) by Propagandhi

Tidal Wave by Hit The Switch



Episode 91: Can You Buy Blood?

This week Cait, Link and Shane, from our writing staff, joins Brandon and Peter to discuss, ice spiders, white hockey pants, Australian hockey, Bronies and many other random topics along with an interview with Tobin from Flatfoot 56.

Links of Note:

Capitals white hockey pants


Pon Pon Pon

Andrew WK to speak at My Little Pony convention

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Suicide by In The Face of War

Eagles Become Vultures by Converge

I Believe It by Flatfoot 56

Burn Inside by Western Waste