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It's A Poop On Ice! A guide to Hulu's Junior League

Last year, Hulu struck a deal to bring a ton of Russian TV programming stateside via their VOD service. Of course, I don't speak or read or really understand Russian (which was half the fun of trying to blog KHL games), so there isn't too much that really appeals to me. However, I did stumble upon the hockey drama series Junior League, and have been watching a few episodes. Spoilers ahead!

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Ilya Kovalchuk Says "Auf Wiedersehen, NHL"


Sometimes, players do great things, retire, and go on to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  See Chris Chelios, Scott Niedermayer, Brendan Shanahan, and Geraldine Heaney.  Other players do nothing, make money, and "retire" at 30.  See Ilya Kovalchuk.  

Only 3 seasons into his billion year contract (okay okay fine 15 years), Kovalchuk has announced his retirement, leaving $77 million on the table to return home to Russia.  

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Tight Pants: Sergei Mozyakin

Kicking off the third in my look around the KHL at players that might be going under the radar, today we'll look at one of the most prolific scorers in the league's admittedly short history. Since the Soviet Union dissolved, the Russian league system has changed often, finally getting some normalcy in 1999 when the Superleague was founded. The Superleague was the predecessor to the KHL, which this year is celebrating its fifth season. That said, I'd like to introduce you to one of its kings, Sergei Mozyakin.

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Tight Pants: Kirill Petrov

Admit it. You've been watching the KHL (and reading our liveblogs) only because you're following your favorite NHL players during the lockout. It's alright, I'm not faulting you for it, it's sort of the logical move. But have you actually sat down and watched the KHL? It's surprisingly good. There's quite a few KHL players, be they Russians or European that you should be paying attention to. Ones that probably won't be going back to the NHL when the lockout ends. Maybe they should, though. I'm going to start up a series of a few posts talking about players in the KHL you should be paying attention to. I'd like to introduce you to Kirill Petrov.

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