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The AHL Moves West

After years of speculation, the American Hockey League is finally moving westward. At a press conference today in San Jose, the league and several team officials announced the relocation of five East Coast franchises to California, creating the long-awaited Pacific Division. The ECHL will also receive a bit of a shake up, with some California teams moving east to start playing in the soon-to-be former AHL markets.

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The 2012-13 Season Didn't Entirely Suck

I should have known it was a sign. Working at a gas station, listening to game 6 on the radio, I should have known.

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Movement Abound In The AHL

As a sports fan with a big soccer background, the idea of a team just flat-out moving is weird. It doesn't happen very often. The last few that I can think of are the Montreal Expos moving to Washington, DC, and Wimbledon FC's complete overhaul/move to Milton Keynes, where they now play as MK Dons. But in the minor leagues, it's somewhat more of a common occurrence. I'm here to guide you through what's going on with the AHL this offseason, as a lot of teams are being switched around.

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AHL Live Chat - Springfield Falcons vs Norfolk Admirals

Hey, let's watch some hockey together. We've got two of the better teams in the eastern conference today. There's a few other games starting at the same time, so we'll be flipping around this afternoon. 

Watch the game with us here.  


In Case Of Lockout, Break Glass

Okay, straight-talk here, the whole lockout thing really isn't phasing me as much as it probably should be. I can deal with not having to travel three hours to Boston, and paying at the very least $25 for a seat to a Bruins game that's so high up that you're peering through Celtics championship banners to see the ice

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