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Episode 109: #ATypeOfHockeyisBack

The NHL is back, and so are we with an up to date episode. We talk about the upcoming season, Brian Burke's firing, the evil plague that is acoustic punk and Brandon goes to the saddest hockey game.

Topics This Week:

The lockout's over!

D.O.A.'s Joey Shithead running for office.

My piece on the Dayton hockey game.

The whole crew is getting this tattoo, or else.

Music This Week:

(Special thanks to The Involuntarys, who wrote the song from the show's intro, 'Up The Pucks')

Prisoner Echoes by Strike Anywhere

The Concept Says... by Comeback Kid

100K by The Loved Ones


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Episode 105: Is Hockey Back Yet?

In this episode, Ty Anderson of Hockeybuzz.com joins the guys to discuss towel usage, things Chris Hannah of Propagandhi likes and the blogger v. MSM debate.


Links of Note:

Article written in response to Kevin Dupont's comments on twitter. Dupont's comments sparked the blogger v. MSM debate.

Songs Featured In This Episode:

 Intro: The Promise by Strike Anywhere

Dead Friends Don't Pay Debts by Red City Radio

Things I Like by Propagandhi

Like A Ritual by Title Fight

February One by Slapstick


Don't Be A Dick: An NHL For The 21st Century

Alright that's it, I'm taking over the NHL.  I don't care what you think.  All I know is that I can bring you hockey and no one else seems to be doing this.  Under my new CBA this is how things will roll: 


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Ep. 104: Gallows' Wade MacNeil & Lockout Madness

We're back again! This week we have Brandon's conversation with Gallows frontman and St. Catherines, Ontario native Wade MacNeil. They discuss Wade's roots as a hockey fan, where his NHL team allegiance lies, what's it's been like to take over singing for an establish band, and of course, the new gallows record. Then Peter and Brandon discuss Pete's ebay finds, minor league hockey and NHL13's soundtrack.

Gallows-Last June

Music Featured This Week:

Cross Of Lorraine by Gallows

45 by The Gaslight Anthem

that pw clip is from Bassnectar

Ran That Scam by Dead To Me

2012 Demo by Oblivination

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Dear Matt Cooke PR Team,

Glad to see you've decided to use this lockout as a PR spin for your client Matt Cooke.  Really great to see him coaching his kid's soccer team and spending time with his family.  That's nice.  Really thumbs up.  

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