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UTP Album Review: Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart

For almost a decade, Frank Turner has made his name traveling the world, putting on full-throttle acoustic sing-alongs in basements, clubs, arenas, and huge festival stages. I've seen him a couple of times, and have always been amazed by the energy he brings, and that the crowd gives back. His fifth full-length, Tape Deck Heart (out April 22), is a drastic change of pace compared to the past 7 or 8 years of what we're used to.

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Single Review: Her Parents - "Why Don't You Just Fuck Off?"

I've got a backlog of a few albums I'd like to review for the site, but I figured I'd talk about something I came across earlier this week before I get into more reviews.

Britain's Her Parents are made up from members of bands such as Dananananaykroyd and Stairs To Korea. The reason you need to pay attention to these guys is because, well.. Alright, it's hard to admit this. They remind me of one of my favorite bands to have ever existed, McLusky. I suppose it makes sense, as these guys would have been starting to play in bands right around the time that McLusky came to a bit of a halt and sort of shot off into what's now Future Of The Left. 

Anyway. These guys have managed to take the sheer noise, Andy Falkous' wit, roaring bass lines that made McLusky McLusky, and added onto that some pretty decent guitar playing, and much shorter song times. 

Earlier this week, Her Parents released "Why Don't You Just Fuck Off?", the lead single off their upcoming May release, "Happy Birthday". At just under a minute and a half, "Fuck Off" is a great teaser for those who were left wanting more from their last release, 2012's "Physical Release". The song is pretty high energy, with a catchy guitar riff during the verses, psychotic choruses, and some nice guitar work during the bridge. 

If FotL weren't filling the British noisepunk gap in your life after McLusky split, a) you're probably doing it wrong, and b) Her Parents are the band you'll want to seek out. 




Pressing information: 50 hand-painted/drawn CD-Rs were released via Alcopop Records, but have already sold out. "Physical Release" is available via download on Bandcamp, and "Happy Birthday" will get a vinyl release via Alcopop this spring.


Ep. 104: Gallows' Wade MacNeil & Lockout Madness

We're back again! This week we have Brandon's conversation with Gallows frontman and St. Catherines, Ontario native Wade MacNeil. They discuss Wade's roots as a hockey fan, where his NHL team allegiance lies, what's it's been like to take over singing for an establish band, and of course, the new gallows record. Then Peter and Brandon discuss Pete's ebay finds, minor league hockey and NHL13's soundtrack.

Gallows-Last June

Music Featured This Week:

Cross Of Lorraine by Gallows

45 by The Gaslight Anthem

that pw clip is from Bassnectar

Ran That Scam by Dead To Me

2012 Demo by Oblivination

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