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Equality For Some

Our sport has a culture problem.  Actually that’s not true, our country has a culture problem.  We say we are all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but the Declaration of Independence was not written for diversity.  I am a white, American, cis woman; despite known disadvantages, I still have a leg up on so many people and I am part of the problem.  


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Suspensions For Everyone!

(AP Photo)

It's that time of year again, like clockwork, professional shitheel Dan Carcillo finds himself suspended for some harebrained play.  All of you have seen the play by now, Carcillo cross checked Mathieu Perreault post whistle.  It was a "classic" Carcillo hit and in classic hockey fandom, we've all flipped the hell out.  

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A Different Look At New Arenas

It's been a sad few years for hockey fans.  Slowly the old barns have been transforming into these monolithic, pristine white multi purpose venues where the hoity toitiest of performers will come and off set the craziest costs.  I don't know about you, but when I think of watching hockey live, my mind wanders to sticky cement floors, cinderblock walls painted brown or maybe tan or pink?  And seats that have clutch marks in their armrests from years of panicked fans.  I'm someone that feels at home in that "lived in" feeling (mind you, I'm talking about "lived in" not "we should go get vaccinated after this" filth).  

There's no question, the game of hockey is changing, but the change off the ice seems to be ignored.  Many say it's to bring in the corporate accounts, but after hanging out in the newly completed MSG, I call shenanigans.  Planners and architects and builders are looking to attract a completely untapped market for hockey fandom:


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Can The Soulless Be Merkin Models? (Please Say No)

This list of men have many things: great talent, extensive suspensions, a thatch you pray never is duplicated for merkin use, a set of twins.  

What this list doesn’t have?  SOULS!

Sure, plenty have made lists about the gingers of the NHL but how many have ranked them by the level of soullessness.  Here’s a lovely list of gingers based on their level of soul possession.

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Episode 109: #ATypeOfHockeyisBack

The NHL is back, and so are we with an up to date episode. We talk about the upcoming season, Brian Burke's firing, the evil plague that is acoustic punk and Brandon goes to the saddest hockey game.

Topics This Week:

The lockout's over!

D.O.A.'s Joey Shithead running for office.

My piece on the Dayton hockey game.

The whole crew is getting this tattoo, or else.

Music This Week:

(Special thanks to The Involuntarys, who wrote the song from the show's intro, 'Up The Pucks')

Prisoner Echoes by Strike Anywhere

The Concept Says... by Comeback Kid

100K by The Loved Ones


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