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2012 Stanley Cup Anti-Preview (Part 1)

It can't come as much of surprise that a year later we find ourselves once again poised on the mind searing edge of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. By now you've probably read about half a dozen different Playoff prediction blogs and articles. Guess what, all of them are terrible and we both know it. Oh, the Penguins have a good offense? How about the fact that some people question the quality of Florida's goal tending and think the Kings lack scoring depth. This is the season when pundits and bloggers like to act like pre-Lutheran clergy issuing wafers of knowledge that they invite you to dip in their mind salsa. In response to their actions I offer my completely and utterly useless playoff previews.

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The Triumphant Return Of Canada’s Masturbation Fantasy

(MSG Photos)

Disclaimer: Alright before I start this, I want to remind you this is not an attack on Sidney Crosby’s talent.  I get it; the guy is fantablous.  There’s no denying it.  But on to my anger.

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The Return of Radulov and why you're wrong about everything

Alex pointing out how wrong you are.So, what are people flipping out about this week in the NHL? Its not the red line returning to the game, concussions, Sidney Crosby (ok, maybe a little bit about Crosby), or any of the usual suspects. Right now fans around the league are all bent out of shape about the possible return of Alexander Radulov to the NHL and the Nashville Predators. As a heads up, this piece will not address locker room chemistry, what Radulov would add, or anything like that.

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A Baker's Fuck #1


13 Reasons Why You Should Think The 1991-1995 San Jose Sharks Teams Were Awesome


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The NHL Mercy Rule

During any one of the recent trouncing defeats of the Columbus Blue Jackets by basically any team in the entire NHL I decided that the NHL could do more to address the struggling team in the league. Out of this brief thought I constructed a series of new additions the NHL rulebook; these new rules will now and forever be known as the Mercy Rules.

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