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Yo Ho Yo Ho The NHL At Sea! 

Not a single hockey fan in this photo

Okay, so recently I went on a trip to the south where the weather is always warm and ice rinks are a mythical creature.  Fine, not really seeing as Florida, one of the places that I stopped, has two NHL teams plus a bunchaother teams.  But in all honesty, hockey isn't very big the further south you head.  And that's why I packed a bunch of hockey tee shirts and paraded myself around waiting to see what people would say. 

Mind you, I was on a cruise ship, that left from NYC, so you would assume this would be skewed, that I would run in to crazy amounts of Atlantic and Northeastern Division fans, but no I didn't. So disappointed hockey fans!  

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In Case Of Lockout, Break Glass

Okay, straight-talk here, the whole lockout thing really isn't phasing me as much as it probably should be. I can deal with not having to travel three hours to Boston, and paying at the very least $25 for a seat to a Bruins game that's so high up that you're peering through Celtics championship banners to see the ice

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This Shit Sucks

It’s always been a point of pride for me, to be a hockey fan.  I’ve always seen the sport as a step up from the rest of the professional sports in North America: players just a tad bit classier, fans just a tad more evolved, and games that much better.  

As players of other sports find themselves making headlines for spousal abuse, brandishing weapons, and indictments on drug use, the NHL players are working on making the sport a pro-gay place, coming together for player safety, and all around improving the sport.  

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Making Relationships Work With NHL Fans

How the LA Kings express love
It’s that time of the year, the halfway point of the summer, the part where you start to get antsy and wonder when that summer romance is going to start up.  With hockey being such a niche sport, there isn’t much of a dating pool and it could mean you need to search outside your comfort zone, find a non hockey fan.  Craziness!  I know.  But what’s even more crazy, is the shit your non hockey fan date has to deal with.  What am I talking about?  Well each fanbase has its own quirks, their own expectations of how things should go.  Last summer theactivestick but together a list about dating hockey fans, but she only got around to six, and, well, I’m more likely to end up on a date with a Devils fan than a Canucks fan just because of proximity.  So before you go out with your unsuspecting date, print out this guide and highlight your favorite teams so your date knows what they are getting into.


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Book Buddies Review Brad Richards's Nude Debut

It’s time for the yearly Body Issue published by ESPN Magazine.  They call it an exhibition of the finest athletes in sports, I call it the one time of year hockey isn’t forgotten about (HA! you thought I was going to be dirty).  It’s true.  So often the NHL is brushed to the side for other sports and as an NHL fan, I feel kinda shafted.  The hard working men end up being ignored, but once a year the NHL is featured, in its naked glory.  

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