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The Iron League: Jordin Tootoo is Cait's Hero

Election night is over so relax and forget your worries with another episode of The Iron League.  The cannon runs out of gun powder eventually, right?  Preds honor their history in the coolest way possible and two very polarizing players retire this week.  Here all this and more in the episode. 

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Can The Soulless Be Merkin Models? (Please Say No)

This list of men have many things: great talent, extensive suspensions, a thatch you pray never is duplicated for merkin use, a set of twins.  

What this list doesn’t have?  SOULS!

Sure, plenty have made lists about the gingers of the NHL but how many have ranked them by the level of soullessness.  Here’s a lovely list of gingers based on their level of soul possession.

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