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The AHL Moves West

After years of speculation, the American Hockey League is finally moving westward. At a press conference today in San Jose, the league and several team officials announced the relocation of five East Coast franchises to California, creating the long-awaited Pacific Division. The ECHL will also receive a bit of a shake up, with some California teams moving east to start playing in the soon-to-be former AHL markets.

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It's A Poop On Ice! A guide to Hulu's Junior League

Last year, Hulu struck a deal to bring a ton of Russian TV programming stateside via their VOD service. Of course, I don't speak or read or really understand Russian (which was half the fun of trying to blog KHL games), so there isn't too much that really appeals to me. However, I did stumble upon the hockey drama series Junior League, and have been watching a few episodes. Spoilers ahead!

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Hey Blink-182!

(via FanPop)

Dudes, stop being dicks.  

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You And Me Baby Ain't Nothin' But Mascots

I was going to refrain from writing about the All Star Game because, well, we all know I hate fun.  That I’d prefer to sit in a dark corner and listen to Jim Hughson read a list of players names than partake in any contrived fun event.  And seriously, we've been talking about Columbus hosting the All Star Weekend for what feels like a decade. 

But then I saw the NHL’s announcement this morning and I had to say something: 

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A Potential Good-Bye

A little earlier, this tweet was sent out:

And I double and triple checked to make sure it was a legit account and not just someone spreading the rumorrrrrrs through the league.  

So it seems Martin Brodeur’s tenure in the NHL is coming to an awkward, jaunted end.  Which is terribly unfortunate.  For those of us old enough, we understand the level at which he competed at game after game.  There was nothing worse than knowing Marty would be in net to face your team, his skill was unmatched.  Holding nearly every goalie record, Brodeur will go down in history.

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