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Episode 5: The One Where Brandon Defends The Shootout




This week we have Matt from Don't Trade Vinny on the program. He discusses the Lightning this season while Brandon and Peter talk about Bad Religion's newest album, "The Dissent of Man."

Get To Know Your Co-Host: Matt from Don’t Trade Vinny (7:22)
-Twitter: @donttradevinny

The Central Division: (10:44)

Featured Franchise: Lightning (43:13)

City of the Week: Tampa Bay (54:22)

Album Review: Bad Religion’s The Dissent of Man (66:16)

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Say Nothing by It's All Happening

Playing Dead by Injustice System

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better. Yes Texas, That Means You. by New Bruises

The Resist Stance by Bad Religion

Meeting of the Minds by Bad Religion


Episode 4: Peter Forsberg Was Spawned By The Forest


Ever have a conversation that continually seems to get off topic? Well, in this episode we make an art out of avoiding the topic at hand. Jaye from Patrick Kane’s Loose Change joins us to discuss the Avalanche and various other things, including the origin of Peter Forsberg.


Get To Know Your Co-Host: Jaye Horbay from Patrick Kane’s Loose Change (12:12)
-Twitter: @horbayj

Notable Moments From The First Week Of The NHL Season: (18:23)
-Jordan Eberle, Who Does He Think He Is?
-Did You Get The Skates?

The Central Division: (26:40)

Featured Franchise: Avalanche (49:16)

The College Review: (58:18)
-"NCAA Rule Gets Failing Grade: The Taylor Stefishen Story"

City Of The Week: Denver (62:23)
-Million Bucks by All

-We Drink So You Don’t Have To by The Blackout Pact

-Oh Canada by Five Iron Frenzy

Fun Fact:
Who You Should Be Following On Twitter (73:41)


Episode 3: It's Always Stabby In Philadelphia


The NHL Regular Season finally arrives and we welcome Matt from Down Goes Spezza to ring it in. We talk Flyers hockey, make our predictions and discuss how Philadelphia's punk bands perfectly reflect the city.

Get To Know Your Co-Host:
Matt from Down Goes Spezza (4:26)

The Central Division: (8:10)
-Lose Another Friend by No Fun At All


Predictions: (40:00)

Featured Franchise: Flyers (74:48)

Proving We’re Not Insane:
- NHL Continues to Miss the “Punk Rock” Memo with NHL Face-off Performers

Featured City of the Week:
Philly (91:39)
-Pause by Kid Dynamite
-Breathe In by The Loved Ones


-The Orange And The Black by The Boils


Episode 2: Senators, Idiots and Vegans





Download this episode (right click and save)

Darren McLeod from Silver Seven and Punknews.org joins us to discuss the Ottawa Senators, stupidity in the minor leagues and veganism.


Get To Know Your Co-Host: (1:47) Darren McLeod
-Manager and writer for Silver Seven a Ottawa Senators blog.
-Also writes for Punknews.org

The Central Division: (4:03)
-"Tuesdays With Hildy: 6th And 7th Defenseman- Who Makes The Cut?"

Featured Franchise: (22:19) Senators

Minor League Roundup: (29:47)
-"Connecticut Whale Logo Could Be Unifying Force"

Featured City Of The Week: (45:14) Ottawa
-Yardfight by BiG DiCK
-Is Everything Square by The White Wires

The Focus: (56:37) Veganism
-Some of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters -antillectual

Outro: -Keep Smiling by Chinese Telephones


Episode 1: So It Begins

In our first episode, we discuss a lot of Central Division hockey. Our guest co-host is Rick Gethin from thehockeywriters.com and he joins us to talk Blue Jackets hockey.

Other topics include a rumored marketing strategy going on with one of the NHL franchises, the Columbus punk scene and we review Comeback Kid's newest effort, "Symptoms + Cures"

Download the episode here. (Right click and "Save Target As")

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Proving We're Not Insane (3:29)

Get To Know Your Co-Host (14:16)
-Rick Gethin, Associate Editor of thehockeywriters.com

The Central Division (22:25)

Featured Franchise: Blue Jackets (58:08)
-Rick's article on the cynicism surrounding the Blue Jackets' fanbase.

The Focus (1:17:10)
-Thrashers Diversity from Birdwatchers Anonymous.

City of the Week: Columbus(1:30:38)
-Wild Knives by New Creases
-myspace.com/heathdeadger (New Creases' main band)
-Point A to Point Blank by The New Bomb Turks

Album Review: Comeback Kid's Symptoms + Cures (1:41:37)
-Comeback Kid's website
-CBK's knock-off Winnipeg Jets shirt

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