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Episode 20: Lil Jon Is A Nice Fellow


Mortimer Peacock from Blueland Chronicle joins us to prove that Thrashers fans do exist and to talk ATL punk.

Get To Know Your Co-host:
Mortimer Peacock (14:53)
-Blueland Chronicle


Central Division: (22:13)

Feature Franchise: Thrashers (30:45)

City of the Week: Atlanta (44:23)

Songs Featured In This Episode:
Perfection? by The Letters Organize
Major in Business/Minor in Art by Pegasuses-XL
Crowquill by Circle Takes The Square
Can't Dance By Black Lips
Rock Bottom Summer by Campaign


Episode 19: King of the Midwest


Ryan from The Humanoids appears on the show to discuss the Blues and STL punk.


Get To Know Your Co-host: Ryan from the Humanoids (5:58)

Central Division: (11:05)

Feature Franchise:
Blues (23:48)

Fancy Rants: "Cam Lovers" (33:16)

City of the Week: St. Louis (35:21)
-I Hate Punk Rock Records

Songs Featured In This Episode:
Card of Giants by Everything Went Black
Ghost Town by Nothing Left To Lose
King Of The Midwest by The Haddonfields
Future Perfect by The Humanoids
Tune Me Out by MU330


Episode 18: Phoenix Gets The Shaft



With just hours before this week's episode, our guest host had to bail due to an upper body injury. After exhausting every option at their disposal, Brandon and Peter rolled a dice and it landed on Phoenix.

So listen as the boys try to discuss the Coyotes and Arizona punk with no guest host.

Central Division: (8:39)

Feature Franchise: Coyotes (25:06)

City of the Week: Phoenix (38:33)

Check out these other Hockey/Punk sites:
-Hockey Punk Nerd
-Puck and Punk

Songs Featured In This Episode:
A Speculative Fiction by Propagandhi
Dolphin Field by The Meat Puppets
Rejoice by Andrew Jackson Jihad
Everyday by Authority Zero
Taking Out The Trash by Hour Of The Wolf


Episode 17: It Was D.O.A. Vs. Two Man Advantage


Jeff, aka The Captain from Two Man Advantage, brings his talents to the show as he joins Peter and Brandon to discuss the Islanders, Long Island punk and hockey/punk bands.

Get To Know Our Co-Host:
Jeff from Two Man Advantage (6:20)


Central Division: (6:15)

Featured Franchise: Islanders (33:24)

The Focus: All-Star Game Rosters/Snubs (45:46)
-All-Star Rosters

City Of The Week: Long Island (56:45)

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Young (At Heart) by Kill Your Idols
Face Or Kneecaps by The Movielife
Fuck The Fans by Bomb The Music Industry
Slow Math by Crime In Stereo
Radio Cambodia by Glassjaw
Hockey Junkie by Two Man Advantage
Water Manes At The Block's End by Latterman


Episode 16: A Midwest Love Fest


Jen from Fear The Puck joins us yet again to discuss the Minnesota Wild and Twin Cities punk.

Get to Know Your Co-Host:
Jen from Fear The Puck (6:14)


Central Division: (19:17)

Featured Franchise: Wild (35:23)

The Focus: NHL-related things that piss us off (45:54)

City of the Week: The Twin Cities

Songs Featured In This Episode:
Fuck The Sex Pistols by Modern Life Is War
Total. Fucking. Gone. Song by Dillinger Four
Cover Your Eyes by Children 18:3
Their Own Medicine by Off With Their Heads
Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely by Husker Dü
Farewell To The Iron Bastards by Banner Pilot