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Episode 15: From Ashes Rise Against Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies


Brandon and Peter discuss the strange culture surrounding the Florida Panthers and the lack of a Southern Florida punk scene with guest host, Kylewilliam from imadethismistake.


Central Division: (8:28)

Featured Franchise: Panthers (26:32)

The Focus: The Winter Classic (42:12)

City of the Week: South Florida (50:08)

Songs Featured In This Episode:
Teenage Kennedy Lobotomy by Anti-Flag
Miami by Against Me!
I Don't Wanna Hear It by Minor Threat
The Torch by Fallen From The Skyse
Every Last Detail by Sendersimade
Stateside by imadethismistake
Cast No Shadows by New Mexican Disaster Squad


Episode 14: An Episode Fit For Kings...Fans


So what if it's Christmas Eve? That doesn't stop us! In this episode, The Mayor from Mayor's Manor joins us to discuss Kings hockey and LA punk.


Guest Host: The Mayor

Central Division: (6:46)

Featured Franchise: Kings (22:48)

City of the Week: Los Angeles (42:41)

Songs Featured In This Episode:

My War by Black Flag
Bloodstains by Agent Orange
New York's Alright by Fear
This Is LA by The Briggs
Supersonic by Bad Religion
Small Silhouette by Fiction Reform


Episode 13: Why Isn't Khabibulin In Jail?


In an abbreviated episode, Jaye returns to the show. This time he discusses both the hockey team and the punk scene in his former home of Edmonton.


Guest Co-Host: Jaye
-Patrick Kane's Loose Change
-Mile High Sticking

Featured Franchise: Oilers

City Of The Week: Edmonton

Songs Featured In This Episode:
People Call Me The Part Time Party Machine Because Sometimes I Like To Party, But Other Times I Have To Work by The Johnsons
A Victim, A Target by Misery Signals
Re-Hey-Volution by Le Marche Colour
All On The Outside by Wednesday Night Heroes


Episode 12: Bikes, A Second Franchise In Toronto and Austin


Jason from Discard What You Don't Need slowly drinks himself to death as we discuss the Stars, how everyone moves to Austin and things Peter hates.


Get To Know Your Co-Host: Jason from Discard What You Don't Need (sponsored in-part by Johnnie Walker)
-Discard What You Don't Need

The Central Division:

Feature Franchise: Stars
-Stars music director @jeffk_stars

The Focus: NHL Relocation
-Team Relocation And Why The NHL Should Pass On Winnipeg, Quebec City

City of the Week: Dallas

Songs Featured In This Episode:
DissDissDissKissKissKiss by The Riverboat Gamblers
Plan B by The Impossibles
Puck Off by Pantera
Shelter from the Storm by Decades
Baddest of the Bad by Reverend Horton Heat
Power Chord Blues by Dangers


Episode 11: New Jersey Is The Home Of Emo. This Makes Too Much Sense.


This week we try our hand at having two guest co-hosts. Both Kevin from In Lou We Trust and Steve from Puck The Media come on to discuss the New Jersey Devils and the sweet punk sounds coming from America's armpit.

Get To Know Your Co-Hosts
: Kevin from In Lou We Trust and Steve from Puck The Media (9:15)
-In Lou We Trust


-Puck The Media

The Central Division:

Featured Franchise: The Devils (29:38)

The Focus: NHL TV Talks (44:12)

City of the Week: New Jersey (55:10)

Misc Links:
-Oilers Moving?
-Grinder Threads

Songs Featured In This Episode
The ‘59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem
Ole! by The Bouncing Souls
Helena by My Chemical Romance
Milk Lizard by Dillinger Escape Plan
Cut The Tension by Lifetime