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Episode 25: Ty Thinks We're The Greatest Podcast Ever


Ty Anderson from Hockeybuzz.com joins Brandon and Peter to discuss Bruins hockey and Boston punk. Other topics include Warped Tour, the situation brewing in Phoenix and of course, the Chara hit.


Get To Know Your Co-host: (2:22)

Hockey Headlines: (3:57)

Punk Headlines: (23:34)
-EIY Spring (Into Action) Tour

Central Division:

Feature Franchise: Bruins (44:33)

City of the Week: Boston (57:22)

Songs Featured In This Episode:
No Heroes by Converge
Bender by Big D And The Kids Table
Time To Go by Dropkick Murphys
Bulletproof Tiger by A Wilhelm Scream
In Defense of Dorchester by Street Dogs


Episode 24: Do Not Talk Shit About Abe Lincoln


Kyle from the Moguls joins us to discuss the Maple Leafs, Toronto punk, the newest Dropkick Murphys video and some of the key trade deadline deals.


Get To Know Your Co-host: Kyle from the Moguls (2:03)

Hockey Headlines: (3:52)

Punk Headlines: (16:58)
-New Dropkick Murphys video
-The Fest 10 band list

Central Division: (26:29)

Feature Franchise: Maple Leafs (43:38)

City of the Week: Toronto (54:22)

Songs Featured In This Episode:
Spent by The Moguls
Play The Part by Career Suicide
Get What's Coming by The Creepshow
Shithawks by The Flatliners
Blindfolds Aside by Protest The Hero
Hail Destroyer by Cancer Bats


Episode 23: The Western Conference Cluster(fuck)


It was on the tip of everyone's tongue, Brandon and I just gave it a name. In this episode, Walk Invisible from Hit The Post joins us to discuss Flames hockey, Calgary bands, underage drinking and sexism in the punk scene.


Get To Know Your Co-Host: Walk Invisible from Hit The Post (1:44)
-Hit The Post

Hockey News: (2:55)
-Peter Stastny's comments
-Tampa's uniform tweeks

Punk News:
-"You Know What Makes Me Feel Unsafe?"

Central Division: (20:13)

Feature Franchise: Flames (33:00)

City of the Week: Calgary (40:27)

Songs Featured In This Episode:
Two Minutes For Looking So Good by Belvedere
-Can any of our listeners identify what player Belvedere is referring to in this song? Lyrics
Silivo by This is A Standoff
Drunk Talk by madcowboys
(I Feel Like) (Gerry) Cheevers (Stich Marks On My Heart) by Chixdiggit!
Enough For Two by Field Day


Episode 22: At Least You Have The Hotdog Cannon


In episode 22, the boys are joined by Neil from Russian Machine Never Breaks. They discuss the aftermath of the Isles/Pens brawl, the Paper + Plastick comp, the Capitals and D.C. hardcore.


Get To Know Your Co-host: Neil from Russian Machine Never Breaks (1:16)
-Russian Machine Never Breaks

Hockey News: (3:34)

Punk Headlines: (14:07)
-Paper + Plastick Winter 2011 Sampler
-Propagandhi's podcast(e)

Central Division: (21:11)

Feature Franchise: Capitals (33:20)

City of the Week: D.C. (47:10)
-D.C. 80s Hardcore Scene Walking Tours

Walk The Line by Gray Matter
Ex-Straightedge-Ex by Good Clean Fun
F.O.P. by Trial By Fire
Salad Days by Minor Threat
Pay To Cum by Bad Brains


Episode 21: There's A Sabre In The Buffaslug?


In an episode that's kinda, sorta, in a roundabout way about Buffalo, Jaye, Kevin and Link join Brandon and Peter to discuss the Sabres. Hilarity ensues.


Get to know Your co-host: Jaye, Kevin & Link (6:31)
Jaye- Mile High Sticking
Kevin- In Lou We Trust
Link- Puck and Punk

Central Division: (12:34)

Feature Franchise: Sabres (24:56)

City of the Week: Buffalo (36:39)

Hope by Dead Hearts
Mechanical by Lemuria
Gouge Em Out, They're Useless Anyway by Marathon
No Son Of Mine by Everytime I Die
Weak Tyrant by Snapcase