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Episode 4: Peter Forsberg Was Spawned By The Forest


Ever have a conversation that continually seems to get off topic? Well, in this episode we make an art out of avoiding the topic at hand. Jaye from Patrick Kane’s Loose Change joins us to discuss the Avalanche and various other things, including the origin of Peter Forsberg.


Get To Know Your Co-Host: Jaye Horbay from Patrick Kane’s Loose Change (12:12)
-Twitter: @horbayj

Notable Moments From The First Week Of The NHL Season: (18:23)
-Jordan Eberle, Who Does He Think He Is?
-Did You Get The Skates?

The Central Division: (26:40)

Featured Franchise: Avalanche (49:16)

The College Review: (58:18)
-"NCAA Rule Gets Failing Grade: The Taylor Stefishen Story"

City Of The Week: Denver (62:23)
-Million Bucks by All

-We Drink So You Don’t Have To by The Blackout Pact

-Oh Canada by Five Iron Frenzy

Fun Fact:
Who You Should Be Following On Twitter (73:41)

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