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Episode 2: Senators, Idiots and Vegans





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Darren McLeod from Silver Seven and Punknews.org joins us to discuss the Ottawa Senators, stupidity in the minor leagues and veganism.


Get To Know Your Co-Host: (1:47) Darren McLeod
-Manager and writer for Silver Seven a Ottawa Senators blog.
-Also writes for Punknews.org

The Central Division: (4:03)
-"Tuesdays With Hildy: 6th And 7th Defenseman- Who Makes The Cut?"

Featured Franchise: (22:19) Senators

Minor League Roundup: (29:47)
-"Connecticut Whale Logo Could Be Unifying Force"

Featured City Of The Week: (45:14) Ottawa
-Yardfight by BiG DiCK
-Is Everything Square by The White Wires

The Focus: (56:37) Veganism
-Some of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters -antillectual

Outro: -Keep Smiling by Chinese Telephones

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