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Book Buddies Review: Hand This To Your Hockey Clueless Girlfriend, Now

So for those of you who have missed it on Twitter, this is a new segment I am starting for the off season.  In my personal library, I have amassed many books on the topic of punk and hockey and will be doing short book reviews and an occasional movie or documentary review.  Please do not think of these as traditional, they will still be in the same vein of everything else the StayNegi Monster has done.  So do not fret.

Up first is "Taking A Shot" by Jaci Burton.

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Patrick Kane And The Bored Media

Photo: Deadspin.com

Can we all get off our high horses yet?  This over reaction with Patrick Kane is getting out of control.  Okay, the kid spent a boozy weekend or ten doing dumb shit, can we get over it? 

Patrick Kane is a 23 year old millionaire, celebrated as an amazing forward, part of the unstoppable duo in Chicago, and a fan of drinks of the alcohol variety.  He was drafted first in overall 2007, and by 2010, had won the Stanley Cup.  

In that time, Kane has gained quite the reputation in the party scene.  And with our hyper attentive media, no moment goes undocumented whether it be a tweet, a blog post, or a lovely photo spread

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We're So Hip And Cool! We Cover Hockey!

Lemme See Your Hockey FaceHey guys!  It's springtime and you know what that means!  Our shitty baseball team has started to tanks and our fans are looking elsewhere for entertainment.

Oh no! How will we retain our fans?

I KNOW! Let's cover playoff hockey!  Can't be that hard, right? 

Goals, assists, saves, and face offs, this will be an easy thing to cover!  We won't lose any one AND we'll pick up those who already love hockey! 

Wow! This is a win/win idea! 

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No More, Lemewwwww!

Sitting here and reflecting on the three-ring circus that is the Pittsburgh Penguins game against the Philadelphia Flyers, I can’t help but wonder how long until Mario Lemieux writes another open letter to the NHL.  For those of you who don’t remember, the Comeback Kid got on his soap box last February to complain about the state of the NHL after his team was part of an all out brawl against the New York Islanders. I've finally reached my limit.  I'm no longer keeping my mouth shut when it comes to him.  Things must change!

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The Death Of "Old Time Hockey"?

The Hanson brothers know Old Time Hockey

Reading the newest issue of The Hockey News, a letter was published that read like a eulogy of “Old Time Hockey”.  As I read it, I had to laugh at the guy’s complaint.  He said, “no longer do we see bench brawls, blindside hits, or breaking sticks over backs”.  He goes on to bemoan the newest trends of hockey, “visors, shootouts, and Twitter” and that the game has been “diminished to the point where players now have to consider the consequences of a hit, instead of the adulation”.

I shake my head at these people. I can’t figure out why they are sad these days are gone.  Do I like a fight or two?  Yeah sure, but to unnecessarily break up the flow of a game; I’ll pass on that.  There’s no skill to whacking a guy with your stick, but there is finesse in today’s game.  Honestly, if I want to go see staged antics and guys wailing on each other for 60 minutes, I’ll turn on WWE’s RAW on Monday nights. 

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