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The NHL's Cocktease

Let’s be honest and call today what it really was, it was like a hand job after being promised a wonderful and magical night.  Sure it was nice, but it certainly didn’t match the build up that was coming from her (her in this case being GMs).  Today’s trades were better than nothing, but at the 3pm deadline, I was left wanting more. 

The moves were— nice and safe, but not what we were expecting.  The build up with Rick Nash drama, Dustin Brown vs Mike Richards, Anaheim shopping their entire first line, the rumors about Toronto, I’m sorry but I was expecting mind blowing, bed breaking sex, I mean, big name trades. 

Instead we got this:

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A Baker's Fuck #1


13 Reasons Why You Should Think The 1991-1995 San Jose Sharks Teams Were Awesome


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