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A Moral Compass

Last night the entire league descended upon the Las Vegas strip for the NHL Awards.  The event is not exactly the most popular, but it does signal the start of the off season circus.  After last off season, the NHL really needed a win.  They really needed to set the tone and show fans that last summer was an anomaly.  The league was less than awesome, but I don’t really put all the blame on them.  

The NHL is a business.  While you can’t operate in a bubble, the NHL and other businesses try their hardest to do so and often come off insensitive, out of touch, and focused only on the money.  In a capitalist economy, that’s what happens.  People can’t rely on a business to be the moral compass for America.  Humans must create the moral compass, humans possess compassion, sincerity, and the ability to know right and wrong.

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Hey Ladies! Lemme See Em!

"Hey girl, can I see your boobies?"  Really professional athletes?  This is what it's come to?  You asking random chicks for tits on Twitter?  Come on! Show some standards (I didn’t say high, I said some)!  
You make $4.25 million a season, can you class up your quest for breast a little bit?  Or actually, why are you even asking ladies for these photos?  Shouldn't you have easy access at this point to the pucks of bunnies?  

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Patrick Kane And The Bored Media

Photo: Deadspin.com

Can we all get off our high horses yet?  This over reaction with Patrick Kane is getting out of control.  Okay, the kid spent a boozy weekend or ten doing dumb shit, can we get over it? 

Patrick Kane is a 23 year old millionaire, celebrated as an amazing forward, part of the unstoppable duo in Chicago, and a fan of drinks of the alcohol variety.  He was drafted first in overall 2007, and by 2010, had won the Stanley Cup.  

In that time, Kane has gained quite the reputation in the party scene.  And with our hyper attentive media, no moment goes undocumented whether it be a tweet, a blog post, or a lovely photo spread

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