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A Moral Compass

Last night the entire league descended upon the Las Vegas strip for the NHL Awards.  The event is not exactly the most popular, but it does signal the start of the off season circus.  After last off season, the NHL really needed a win.  They really needed to set the tone and show fans that last summer was an anomaly.  The league was less than awesome, but I don’t really put all the blame on them.  

The NHL is a business.  While you can’t operate in a bubble, the NHL and other businesses try their hardest to do so and often come off insensitive, out of touch, and focused only on the money.  In a capitalist economy, that’s what happens.  People can’t rely on a business to be the moral compass for America.  Humans must create the moral compass, humans possess compassion, sincerity, and the ability to know right and wrong.

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The Monster Is Walking Free In Two Short Years

There are so many moments in hockey that make me yell "Come on! What were you thinking?" but I think today all hockey fans can join together in disgust.  

What am I talking about?  No, it's not Mark Giordano's iffy hit on Ryan O'Rielly and no, is it any of my past UTP posts.  I'm talking about the decision announced today in Tod Holt and Theo Fleury's trial against Graham James.

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