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Shane Tries To Hockey - Part 1

Hockey players are in phenominal shape. They're practicing and working out constantly when they're not playing. Take a look at the last few ESPN Magazine body issues and tell me Tyler Seguin and Hilary Knight aren't completely ripped. On the other hand, you have me.

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First Night Of 24/7 Does Not Disappoint

8 takeaways from the 1st episode of the newest edition of 24/7- Toronto Maple Leafs/Detroit Red Wings (possible spoilers, but really who can do this show justice with only words?):

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Hockey is Life, Life is Hockey

I've been a hockey fan for as long as I can remember.  This damn sport consumes my life.  I've devoted so much time, energy, money, and patience to hockey, it's hard to remember a time that I wasn't scheduling my life around a game. 

And I know I'm not the only one like this.  One look at my timeline and you see wannabe reporters, amateur statistians.  There's no shortage of internet fights over Corsi, feminsm, intangebles, class.  It's exhausting, really!  Everyone has an opintion, everyone wants to fight yours, and if no one is fighting you, CLEARLY YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! 

But occaisonally I step back and realize no matter how old I get, this will forever be me, deep down inside. 

And you're no different than me.


Ep. 129 Give 'Em The Booth

Brandon came out of the coma and Peter's back from the Peace Corp to actually put a show together. We talk about surprises so far in the NHL season, how Jonathan Quick's injury might affect the U.S. Olympic team and timeless haircuts. We also discuss recent music releases including the new A Wilhelm Scream. Plus, new music this week from Toxic Holocaust, Young Turks, A.W.S. and Less Than Jake.

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Ep. 127: #TeamGeno

Peter's out this week so Brandon was joined by the site's editors Shane Bua and Cait Platt . They discuss preseason ultraviolence.

-A FAQ of the Leafs-Sabres line brawl by Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynki

-Zach Kassian smashes Sam Gagner in the face

-From Hockey This Week, a positive review of the Islanders' game experience at Barclays Center.

-The rebranded Calgary Inferno of the CWHL, and the owners of CalgaryInferno.com.


Music Featured This Week:

Take The Mirror by White Lung

Brother by Meat Wave

Ring Of Fire by Social Distortion

Away From The Circle by No Fun At All


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