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Ep. 127: #TeamGeno

Peter's out this week so Brandon was joined by the site's editors Shane Bua and Cait Platt . They discuss preseason ultraviolence.

-A FAQ of the Leafs-Sabres line brawl by Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynki

-Zach Kassian smashes Sam Gagner in the face

-From Hockey This Week, a positive review of the Islanders' game experience at Barclays Center.

-The rebranded Calgary Inferno of the CWHL, and the owners of CalgaryInferno.com.


Music Featured This Week:

Take The Mirror by White Lung

Brother by Meat Wave

Ring Of Fire by Social Distortion

Away From The Circle by No Fun At All


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A distant relative of the trollface?!?!?

Kylewilliam is back for another round of the the podcast. A big week for punk news as the world was introduced to Laura Jane Grace, we discuss this major events' potential impact on the subculture and the reactions. Then, back to hockey as the second round is wrapping up, we discuss the "announcement" of "potential" "new" "ownership" for the "Phoenix" Coyotes, KW makes some cheesy jokes, and we break down all the second round playoff series.

Against Me's Laura Jane Grace-Interview at Rolling Stone

-GLAAD's story

-Punknews compiled some reactions from bands and other people, as well as posted links to resources and support groups for the transgender community.

We didnt play this song this week, but feels somewhat relevant


-HOWL! The Coyotes are getting a new owner, uhhhhh, we think.

-From NHL.com, some highlights of the playoffs so far.


Music Featured This Week:

-(Intro. this week) Ode to... by Beastie Boys

-The Ocean by Against Me

-This Song Will Not Save Your Life by Alpinist

-Kicking by Torche

-Razorblades by American Steel

Oh, and this is that douchebag David Menzies that Kylewilliam is referring to.


...Yo F.O., call us! We want to be in the Farmersonly.com business


Episode 84: That Happened

This week Jer and Kylewilliam come on the show...and well, it got weird. All we can promise in this one is that hockey is talked about at length, there is a lot of random topic switching and that we had fun putting it together.


New York v. Washington

Philadelphia v. New Jersey

St. Louis v. Los Angeles

Phoenix v. Nashville

Songs Featured In This Episode:

The intro was, Breath of the Black Muse by Zao

Stagger Lee by Modern Life Is War

Croatia by Underminded

Roof Beers by The Measure [sa]

Home Away From Here by Touche Amore




Don't worry, this show ISN'T about the greatest pizza in the known universe, but it is about Chicago punk. Pete also interviews, um, himself, about the ups and downs of the Blackhawks season. There's also atheism, punk rock twitter beefs, & the further commercialization of hockey. You're gonna have to eat this one with a fork and knife.

 Punk Headlines:

-Bad Religion at the Reason Rally

-Ben Weasel vs. Fat Mike

-Yet Another all time punk album list

Hockey Headlines:

-New Quebec City arena

-the NBA is toying with the idea of ads on jerseys, might we see them in hockey

Speaking of the "honor" of a jersey, this happened the other day

Blackhawks & Chicago hockey blogs:

-Second City Hockey

-Hockey Broad

-Blackhawk Up

-Cheer The Anthem

Music Featured This Week:

Death of Illusion by Shot Baker

State of the Union by Rise Against

On With The Show by The Lawrence Arms

Suge Knight is at my Barbecue by hewhocorrupts

Curse by Racetraitor

Don't forget to put your "essential' punk records(post-1990) in the comments.



 Well, we had to do a Detroit show eventually. Luckily, Wings fan Joe Novak from Keys to the Bus joins us to discuss the Seattle arena pipedream, the trade deadline, and how the Blue Jackets have managed to fall further down the shame spiral. It really is quite the feat. We also discuss the state of the Red Wings and why Joe has a self-imposed ban on himself at Joe Louis Arena. We also play a bunch a great Detroit punk and ska.

This is Joe's record label, Whoa! Records, with releases by P.T. Revenge, The Halifax Notion, & others.

Iggy Pop as Mr. Mecklenberg, he hates canoes

Hockey Headlines:

-TSN's TradeCentre with all the deadline deals

-Nash hysteria, or much ado about nothing: Blue Jackets insight from Ten Minute Misconduct & The Cannon

Featured Franchise: Detroit Red Wings

-from The Hockey Writers, rumors of a new arena

Music Featured This Week:

Search and Destroy by Iggy and The Stooges

If I Can't Smoke or Swear, I'm Fucked by We Are The Union

Harder Harmonies by La Dispute

Ghost on Sunset Strip by The Suicide Machines

Dirt by The Swellers