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Show Review: Laura Jane Grace and The Devouring Mothers

Taking a break from recording their new album, Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace has embarked on a solo-ish tour of the northeast, bringing along The Devouring Mothers: Against Me! drummer Atom Willard and a bassist, along with opening act Dave Dondero. I got the pleasure of seeing her play Wednesday night at Cambridge's Sinclair.

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Show Review: Against Me!, 5/9/14

The jaded old punks will tell you that punk is dead. That modern bands aren't important anymore. That the scene today doesn't mean crap compared to the Spirit of '76 or '84 or whenever. DC hardcore, NY hardcore, California hardcore, British oi!, nothing today will ever mean as much as those scenes did. But they're wrong. They're dead wrong.

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Who's Gonna Take You Home Tonight? A Review

Following up their commercial hit, White Crosses, Against Me! has released an EP, True Trans, a lead up to their full length album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues.  And if the EP is any indication of the full length, Against Me! fans are going to be in for a change.  All that anger, rage, and disappointment, seems to have dispersed into melodic heartbreak.  

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A distant relative of the trollface?!?!?

Kylewilliam is back for another round of the the podcast. A big week for punk news as the world was introduced to Laura Jane Grace, we discuss this major events' potential impact on the subculture and the reactions. Then, back to hockey as the second round is wrapping up, we discuss the "announcement" of "potential" "new" "ownership" for the "Phoenix" Coyotes, KW makes some cheesy jokes, and we break down all the second round playoff series.

Against Me's Laura Jane Grace-Interview at Rolling Stone

-GLAAD's story

-Punknews compiled some reactions from bands and other people, as well as posted links to resources and support groups for the transgender community.

We didnt play this song this week, but feels somewhat relevant


-HOWL! The Coyotes are getting a new owner, uhhhhh, we think.

-From NHL.com, some highlights of the playoffs so far.


Music Featured This Week:

-(Intro. this week) Ode to... by Beastie Boys

-The Ocean by Against Me

-This Song Will Not Save Your Life by Alpinist

-Kicking by Torche

-Razorblades by American Steel

Oh, and this is that douchebag David Menzies that Kylewilliam is referring to.


...Yo F.O., call us! We want to be in the Farmersonly.com business


Against Me!'s Tom Gabel Opens Up About Being Transgender To Rolling Stone

Tom Gabel will now be referred to as Laura Jane Grace from now on.  

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