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Don't worry, this show ISN'T about the greatest pizza in the known universe, but it is about Chicago punk. Pete also interviews, um, himself, about the ups and downs of the Blackhawks season. There's also atheism, punk rock twitter beefs, & the further commercialization of hockey. You're gonna have to eat this one with a fork and knife.

 Punk Headlines:

-Bad Religion at the Reason Rally

-Ben Weasel vs. Fat Mike

-Yet Another all time punk album list

Hockey Headlines:

-New Quebec City arena

-the NBA is toying with the idea of ads on jerseys, might we see them in hockey

Speaking of the "honor" of a jersey, this happened the other day

Blackhawks & Chicago hockey blogs:

-Second City Hockey

-Hockey Broad

-Blackhawk Up

-Cheer The Anthem

Music Featured This Week:

Death of Illusion by Shot Baker

State of the Union by Rise Against

On With The Show by The Lawrence Arms

Suge Knight is at my Barbecue by hewhocorrupts

Curse by Racetraitor

Don't forget to put your "essential' punk records(post-1990) in the comments.


#StayNegi: Stay Away From Nostalgia

So there seems to be a big push to have this return to these cities of failed NHL teams.  In 1999, Atlanta received the Thrashers after losing the Flames back in 1980 to Calgary.  In 1995, Denver found the NHL back with the Avalanche after their original team relocated it New Jersey in 1982.  In 2000, Minneapolis received the Wild after loosing the North Stars to Dallas in 1993.  Most recently Winnipeg saw the return of the NHL with the Atlanta Thrashers relocated there this summer.  Atlanta, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Winnipeg aren’t the only cities that have lost NHL teams over the years, and the way things are going, it seems more cities will be joining the club. 

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