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Entries in Excellence in Punk Rock and Hockey Award (4)


Victorious! Chris Dos Wins The 2012 Excellence in Punk Rock and Hockey Award

The votes have been tallied and the results are in. If you are a regular listener of the podcast, you are well aware that Chris #2 of Anti-Flag has won the 2nd annual Up The Pucks Excellence in Punk Rock and Hockey Award.

This year with the award sort of advancing from a bit of a joke to more of a legitimate thing (we had actual nominees and everything!), Chris Dos won this going away.

Chris won this award on the merit of what he's done for this community over the years and especially what he's done this year. A former travel hockey player, Chris picked the game back up after a priority shift when he joined Anti-Flag. The lifelong hockey fan, he spent this year's Warped Tour rounding up likeminded individuals in other bands and sharing the mutual passion for the sport.

Over the few months on the Warped Tour, Chris and others found themselves crashing Henrik Lundqvist's NHL Awards party, playing street hockey on amphitheater stages and playing drop-in hockey games at various rinks around the country. These efforts led some in bands to get more in touch with their hockey roots and encouraged them to pick up the sport again.

Chris' efforts have helped grow the hockey community within the punk community and for his efforts he receives this award.

Congratulations to Chris Dos and a special thank you to the other nominees for their continued efforts to help grow this community.


Episode 100: Reverse, Then Forward Again

In this, our 100th episode, Brandon and Peter are joined by our guest from Episode 1, Rick Gethin. We talk about the bands that compose our punk rock starter kits, discuss how different life will be for the Blue Jackets and announce our winner of the 2nd annual Excellence in Punk Rock and Hockey Award.

Songs Featured In This Episode:

Intro: Triumph (4) by Crimson Fallout

Selfish Americans by Dogwood

Better Off Dead by Bad Religion

It'll Be A Long Time by The Offspring

Alternative Ulster by Stiff Little Fingers

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Episode 99: Over Before It Starts

Ugh. A lockout. With not much going on, all talk this week is on the possible lockout, oh joy. Then, it's Peter's interview with the guys in We Are The Union. THEN, we discuss the nominees of the Excellence In Punk Rock And Hockey Award, which is apparently a thing that we're doing.

Songs Featured On This Episode:

Intro: A Single Second by AFI

I'm Like John Cusack by We Are The Union

Within The Range Of A Raven by The Holy Mess

Train in Vain by The Clash

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Vote for the 2012 Excellence In Punk Rock & Hockey Award

The time has come again. Time to decide the prestigious Up The Pucks Excellence In Punk Rock & Hockey Award. This is the most important award in the punk & hockey community because well, it's the only award in the punk & hockey community.

Last year, Andrew Ference of the Boston Bruins won the award for this lovely gesture. Meanwhile, in year two of this website, we've matured and now have several nominees instead of a hastily made decision.

Additionally, this year we're allowing for our readers and listeners to vote for their choice. Your votes willconstitute 50% of the decision.

Without further to do, here's the nominees:

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