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Fall Out Boy: A Review

Nothing like spending Saturday night baking under the hot New Jersey sun at PNC Bank Arts Center.  Friends and I trekked to the middle of the state to see Hoodie Allen, Wiz Khalifa, and Fall Out Boy take the stage and entertain us for a few hours.  

To say we were the cranky old people in the crowd is unfair to me and more of a reflection on who Fall Out Boy appeals to.  Silly me for expecting the crowd to be ages 15-35, the crowd was 7-17 with a handful of parents “supervising” and maybe 20 of us between the ages of 18 and 30.  But that didn’t really dampen the show once Fall Out Boy took the stage.

But prior to Fall Out Boy taking the stage, we sat through some interesting moments.

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Fall Out Boy Tries To Save Rock And Roll

I might not be a writer for Up The Pucks after this album review goes up, but if you’re like me, this is a weird moment for my angsty years.  Growing up there was a lot of grunge, then there was this big gap of music that I now categorize as “guilty pleasures” and I’m sure I’m not the only one to be secretly excited about the new Fall Out Boy album.  Whether you were 13 or 25 when you discovered them, their earlier lyrics spoke to your inner-whiny brat (or possibly your very vocal whiny brat).  Their last album, Folie à Deux was released in 2008 and soon after they went on hiatus/broke up/took a rocket to the moon.  But yesterday, whatever they've been going through came to an end with the release of Save Rock And Roll.  

The album sounds completely like Fall Out Boy, and yet nothing like them.  

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